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Soul Inferno are a fully live wedding band made up of six musicians playing; guitar, bass guitar, keyboard, drums, saxophone, trumpet and of course lead vocals by the fabulous Marissa Keltie.  The addition of the live brass section to the standard wedding band set up really adds extra versatility and punch making them a cut above the rest.  Because of this the band can play far more of the songs you love the way you love to hear them.  For an example set list please contact the band via email or on our facebook page.

Here we have comprised a list of commonly asked questions that we hope will help you in planning your wedding but if there is anything else you need to know then just drop us an email.

There are so many wedding bands out there, why should I choose Soul Inferno?

Soul Inferno pride themselves on being professional both as performers and as wedding entertainers.  What makes Soul Inferno different from most wedding bands is the addition of the live brass instruments, giving them the ability to perform more of your favourite songs the way they were written. We fully understand that we are playing for your entertainment and therefore do everything we can to cater to your requirements.

What sort of music do you play?

We orginially started out as a soul band but to be honest we play anything really from the 60’s right up to current hits!  We have some soul, funk, disco, swing, jazz, pop, rock, ceilidh and of course where would a wedding band be without a hint of cheese!

What time will the band arrive for the performance and when will they set up?

The band will arrive just over an hour before the start time as it takes us about an hour to set up.  The normal procedure for weddings is that once the meal is finished the band will get in to set up whilst the hotel/venue staff are turning the room around to prepare for evening guests.  We find it normally takes us about the same time as the staff to get ready.

What will the band wear?

Soul Inferno are a professional band and so they perform wearing light grey suits and a black tie.

Can you learn our special first dance song if its not in your repertoire?

Soul Inferno will always do what they can to make the wedding special for you and part of our package is that we will learn your first dance for you.  Like any band there may be a few songs that it isn’t possible to do but we always guarantee to do our best for you and so far so good!  If you are not too bothered about what song we play for your first dance but would like a specific song at another point in the night then you can let us know about that too.

Can you perform a ceilidh and can you call the dances?

What would a Scottish wedding be without a ceilidh!  We can perform a short ceilidh set for you, we find normally 3 dances is enough to keep everyone happy and tired out!  The band can call the dances for you and talk guests through them but we would say if there is at least one couple that already know the dance it makes a huge difference for the rest of the guests.

Can we pick all the songs you play?

In short no.  We have many years experience and find the best way for us to pick a set list is to ‘play it by ear’ (if you’ll pardon the pun) on the night.  Each wedding is different and so often requires a slightly different approach for you and the guests to have the best night possible.  Having said that, if there are one or two songs you definitely want or don’t want us to play then please let us know and we could accommodate that.

Do you have your own lights?

Yes we do.  We have our own lighting to shine on both the band and the dance floor to created a proper party atmosphere!

How much space do you require?

The band has played in many different venues all over Scotland with performance areas ranging from large purpose built stages to squeezing in a corner at House for an Art Lover.  Ideally a bit more space than this is desirably as the more space we have the more comfortable we will be, but we are all friends and can get fairly cosy if needed.  Best thing to do is email us to ask about your venue - there is a reasonably good chance we will have played in it before, or ask the venue and let them know we are a six piece band.

The hotel wanted to make sure the band are P.A.T. tested?

The band have P.A.T. testing certificate and are also covered by public liability insurance so there is no need to worry about either of these.  If the hotel require to see either certificate we can arrange to send on a copy to them.

My friend plays an instrument, can they play a song?

You should email to discuss this with us but I’m afraid to say they cannot use our instruments.  I’m sure you understand that we are professional musicians and so our instruments are very expensive and indeed our livelihood, and the insurance for them will not cover someone else using them.  Apart from that, if by chance there was some sort of accidental damage to them we may have problems playing them for the rest of the night.  However, we have had people sing with us before and people playing their own guitar for example but please speak to us in advance about this so we know you are ok with it.

How loud is the band?

The band will play loud enough to create a good party atmosphere and encourage people to dance, while not being uncomfortably loud to the point that guests cannot chat.  We don’t want to lose our hearing apart from anything else, but if you feel it is a little loud them just let us know and we can take it down a little.

Do you have any other advice to make it a great night?

Most importantly of all enjoy yourself!!  Please also remember that while we have lots of experience in wedding entertainment it is your wedding so if there is something your not sure about or would like changed, just let us know.  We are here for you!

We find it crucial to create a the right atmosphere that will encourage your guests to come up and dance, so a couple of good ideas are to make sure the lights in the venue not too bright, especially at the start of the night.  It also makes a huge difference if the bride and/or groom are up dancing.  If your guests see you having a great time they will join in.  This is especially true for the ceilidh dances, once you get up the rest of the room will follow.